Former Public School Teacher & Rural State Representative, Stan Kitzman, Endorses Chairman Buckley’s Proposed Education Legislation

Today, Rep. Stan Kitzman, a rural state representative and former school teacher, proudly announces his endorsement of Chairman Brad Buckley’s revised House Bill 1. This bill, which includes increased funding for public schools and academic accountability measures for students participating in the proposed Education Savings Accounts (ESA) program, addresses some of the most pressing concerns raised by school choice opponents.

Rep. Stan Kitzman on Impeachment Vote for AG Ken Paxton

Paxton Impeachment Vote

As many of you know, last week the Texas House voted to advance impeachment. I have had conversations with many of you that I am grateful for. That is why I wanted to sit and write a through statement on my decision, so that everyone in our district understands why I made the decision to advance the articles of impeachment to the Texas Senate for trial.

Kitzman Supports Governor’s Designation of Drug Cartels

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, September 23, 2022 Kitzman Supports Governor’s Designation of Drug Cartels “I will fully support the governor in legislation that fights the fentanyl and narcotics pandemic that has plagued our communities.” PATTISON, TX: Wednesday, Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order designating Mexican drug cartels as terrorist organizations and instructing the Texas … Read more

Constable Trimm Endorses Kitzman for Texas House District 85

Constable Joel Trimm

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Thursday, January 13, 2022 Constable Trimm Endorses Kitzman for Texas House District 85 “Stan will stand up for Texas House District 85 and fight back against radicals calling for the defunding of our police.” KATY, TX: Today, Waller County Constable Joel Trimm, made the following statement: “After much thoughtful consideration, I am … Read more