Monday, February 20, 2023

Rep. Stan Kitzman Fully Supports Gov. Abbott’s Priorities for the 88th Session

PATTISON, TX: Representative Stan Kitzman (R-Pattison) announced his full support of Governor Greg Abbott’s seven emergency items in a statement earlier today. These priority items address critical issues that affect every Texan, including property tax relief, protecting liberty, education freedom, school safety, bail reform, fentanyl poisoning, and border security.

Today, Kitzman released the following statement:

“I fully support Governor Abbott’s seven emergency items. These items are working towards the same goal that we all aspire to fulfill as lawmakers: to leave Texas better, safer, and more business friendly.

“As for the fentanyl crisis, I take personal aim. It has become the leading killer of Americans between the ages of 18 and 45, and I fully support Governor Abbott’s proposal to declare fentanyl deaths as “poisonings” by cartels and prosecute them as murders, and to increase the supply of NARCAN so that more Texans can be saved from fentanyl poisoning. The federal government has failed Texans when it comes to border security and the Texas Legislature is stepping up to the challenge of securing the border and stopping this national security crisis.’

“The emergency items put forth by Governor Abbott address issues that affect all Texans, and as the representative of House District 85, I am committed to seeing them become law.”