Friday, June 2, 2023

Rep. Stan Kitzman Statement on Impeachment Vote for AG Ken Paxton

Fellow Texans,

As many of you know, last week the Texas House voted to advance impeachment. I have had conversations with many of you that I am grateful for. That is why I wanted to sit and write a thorough statement on my decision, so that everyone in our district understands why I made the decision to advance the articles of impeachment to the Texas Senate for trial.

After thoroughly reviewing the evidence and arguments presented, I concluded that there was more than sufficient cause to advance the impeachment process to the Senate. The charges outlined in the articles of impeachment against General Paxton are not just serious; they are outrageous. They are a slap in the face to every Texan who believes in the rule of law and the integrity of our public offices. Without the ability to abuse the power of his office, Texans may have a chance to see a fair trial of the Attorney General. It will now be the Senate’s job to hold a trial for Attorney General Paxton, where he will have every opportunity to lay out his case.

I want to address the key questions I considered before casting my vote:

Is there sufficient evidence to support each charge, and does it justify impeachment?

The evidence presented was not just compelling; it was infuriating. The allegations are serious, and if proven true, they unquestionably warrant impeachment by the Senate.

What are the potential impacts of this impeachment on the functioning of the Attorney General’s office and the state government?

While the impeachment process may cause temporary disruption, I firmly believe that upholding the rule of law and maintaining public trust in our institutions is paramount. We cannot allow fear of disruption to deter us from seeking justice.

How will this impeachment process and its potential outcome align with our commitment to upholding the rule of law and the principles of the Texas Constitution?

The impeachment process is a constitutional mechanism designed to hold public officials accountable for their actions. By voting for impeachment, we are not just upholding the rule of law and the principles of the Texas Constitution; we are defending them.

Under the timeline of events and according to the Texas Constitution, is impeachment lawful at this point in time?

Yes, the impeachment process is being conducted following the Texas Constitution. Many are misinformed that the impeachment is untimely due to Texas State Law; however, the Supreme Court of Texas has set precedence on this matter in a prior case of impeachment where the same argument was made. The Supreme Court of Texas opinion used as precedence can be found HERE. 

What are the potential consequences for the public trust in our institutions, and how can we best uphold this trust?

While the impeachment process may cause some to question our institutions, it is also an opportunity to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to accountability and the rule of law. We can uphold and strengthen public trust in our institutions by conducting this process with transparency, fairness, and a steadfast commitment to justice.

Additionally, there are many talking heads in Texas politics. Many make money off selling our grassroots a load of garbage with sprinkles of cherry-picked truth. Suppose a “news” medium tells us this was a witch hunt or that the Speaker is a Democrat in sheep’s clothing. They may even be saying that we are part of the swamp in Texas trying to take down a man because he fights for an America First agenda. What if they were telling the truth? What if they were lying? Do we know these news personalities personally? What if they have an agenda that hurts our livelihood while spinning convincing stories they know would anger us?

It is time for Texans to shuck the pretenders and the charlatans that want to use the Republican banner to further their propaganda. If anyone tried to bully legislators into voting a certain way, it was the JV propaganda machine that posed as conservative activism. The corruption surrounding Austin is appalling, but most of it is run from the laptops of the pygmy psyops operatives that seek to destroy Texas and make it into their state. That psyops operation was in full swing during this impeachment process. They revel in manipulating the Republican electorate, but I don’t have the patience to pretend they don’t exist. Too much is on the line in Texas, and they are in the way of solving real conservative issues.

While we try to clean house and pass meaningful legislation in Texas, DC Democrats do not care whether we live or die. The Washington power stratum plays political games, makes deals in secret rooms, and holds zero regards for our families. Joe Biden and the Democrat talking heads are just cogs in the corporatist machine, where power brokers exercise their will on us. Why do you think all the Democratic candidates suspended their campaigns and coalesced behind Joe Biden? Is it because he was the easiest to control, and the other candidates were all offered pieces of our government?

Do we care for those values of American Greatness that we spoke so proudly about? Are we willing to fight and die for them? If so, it is time we start getting serious about regaining control of our country by ridding our state’s leadership of rotten politicians. We don’t need leaders that only fill the headlines with hollow promises of fighting overreach from DC while using their office to harm Texans and place a 3 million dollar bill at the foot of taxpayers to settle with whistleblowers that they fired. We don’t need a leader that hires a “special prosecutor” to be the personal gestapo for their wealthy friend to use as a weapon in his business. If we have a leader like that in office, then they must be removed. I didn’t offer to serve our district, to allow corruption to thrive. I campaigned on fighting to stop it, and I have kept that promise.

It is time we stop allowing ourselves to consume sour bread at the circus in Texas and DC. It is time we run the circuses out of town instead of letting them run us out of the state and nation built on top of the blood of OUR sons, fathers, daughters, and mothers. We are in the middle of a cold civil war here in America:

• The political class vs. the people

• The corporatists vs. the industrious

• The cheaters vs. the competent

• The corrupt vs. the honorable

It is them versus us. No race, religion, or economic status defines the lines. It is merely those that rig the game and those that suffer from it. They keep trying to turn us against each other using race, religion, and economic status. They push cultural Marxism to give us more reasons to fight with each other over social nuance. They play the magician’s game, diverting our attention while we are focused on fighting amongst ourselves. We have to break their hold on our nation. We must fight for what we love, or we will lose it. If we don’t fight for it, we don’t deserve Texas or the American Greatness we had to begin with.

Texans do not run. Texans do not hide. We have not yet lost our Great America, but we will if we walk away from the blood equity we hold in it. They don’t deserve our blood and tax dollars for their globalist grift games, so we must remind them that the tail doesn’t wag the dog. Our national leaders are eroding freedom by handing it away with their corrosive games in Texas. We need an Attorney General that can take the fight to DC Elites without trading favors that line the pockets of themselves and their criminal friends. We need a focused lawman working for us instead of themselves and their wealthy buddies. It is time we deprive the political class of the power they took from us and root out their cronies that feed off the wealth of our work. Then, our next step is returning President Donald Trump to office and returning sovereignty to the industrious class. That is where we strike first; we better leave it all on the table in Texas.

In Liberty,

State Representative Stan Kitzman

Texas House District 85