Friday, May 26, 2023

Rep. Stan Kitzman on Impeachment of Attorney General Paxton

Fellow Texans of House District 85,

I hope this message finds you well. Today, I am reaching out to you to discuss a matter of significant importance unfolding in the House. We are faced with the potential impeachment of our Attorney General, Ken Paxton.

I have reviewed each article of impeachment, the evidence presented, and the potential implications of each charge. The impeachment resolution includes twenty articles detailing the specific charges against General Paxton. These charges range from disregard of official duty, misuse of public resources, and false statements in official records to abuse of public trust. The allegations are serious and warrant thorough examination.

As your representative, I am committed to ensuring our consideration of impeachment is conducted with the utmost integrity and fairness. In this process, my role is that of a grand jurist. If the Attorney General is indicted through our impeachment, our state senators will serve as the jury at his trial. That trial will be public and transparent so that all Texans can see the same evidence as the senators. In the Senate, the Attorney General will have the full right to defend himself, and our senators will vote on whether or not to convict and permanently remove him from office. This entire process is rare, and it’s rare for a good reason. If I thought for one moment that this was a power play or political stunt, I would be very critical of this process finding its way to the floor.

In preparation for the upcoming vote, there are several key questions that I am considering:

  • Is there sufficient evidence to support each charge, and does it justify impeachment?
  • What are the potential impacts of this impeachment on the functioning of the Attorney General’s office and the state government?
  • How will this impeachment process and its potential outcome align with our commitment to upholding the rule of law and the principles of the Texas Constitution?
  • Under the timeline of events and according to the Texas Constitution, is impeachment lawful at this point in time?
  • What are the potential consequences for the public trust in our institutions, and how can we best uphold this trust?

To help you better understand the situation, we’ve attached links to the House hearing, the articles of impeachment, a legal memo from the Committee on General Investigating, and a flowchart of the impeachment process.

House Hearing

Articles of Impeachment

House Investigating Committee Memo

Flowchart for Process of Impeachment in Texas

As we approach the end of the 88th Legislative Session this Memorial Day weekend, much work remains to be done. We will conclude on Monday, May 29th, and I will provide a comprehensive update next week to summarize the various bills of the session and the results of the Paxton impeachment vote.

As we navigate this process, I am committed to keeping you informed and involved. I will provide updates as the situation unfolds and welcome your thoughts and concerns. Your feedback and prayers are invaluable, especially during these challenging times. I ask your continued prayers for the entire legislature as we navigate these turbulent waters.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement. Together, we will uphold the values that make Texas strong.


State Representative Stan Kitzman